Hybrid Multi Cloud

Hello Guys!!

So here are some of the explanations of what I learnt in the next two sessions.In my previous blog I have showed that how to launch instances in AWS and doing the same from the windows CLI.Today I will show how to attach the volume and deploy our files on webserver and also creating the buckets in s3 and accessing the images from S3.


Launch the instance and then follow the below steps:-

Giving security group name

Now I will create the volume and then attach my instance to this volume

Creating volume

For now the volume is showing available.But when we will attach this volume to our instance then it will show In-Use

switching to root user

Now creating partitions

Now in my instance i have added HTTP type,so that i can access it through my browser.After doing,

systemctl restart http

we can launch our .html file that we have created,on webserver

Now I can access my file using the public IP.But what If i want to add the image in my file using s3??

For this we will create a bucket in S3(Remember the name should be unique) and give our image in the bucket and give the permission of public access

creating bucket

Uploading my image

Now giving it a public access,so that any user can access this page

After all this,I created a file in which I have given the url in image column which I got from the s3 bucket after uploading the image.

So,My instance is in Ec2 and my image is in s3.

Hence,My file has been deployed on the webserver successfully which is picking the image from s3.

Hope you have gained some information through my blog about how it works.

You may create different files and can give images ,videos or anything in s3 and do the same.For any queries feel free to ask.

Till then,

Happy learning!!